It all started in 2011, when Pascal asked his friends Sebi, Severin and Jérôme to help him record some songs in his home studio. These recordings were never intended to be released to a wider audience. But when the group played some live shows, they realized that their sound went down well with the audience. They decided to formally start a band and release the recordings as their debut album 'Heroes for Ghosts'.

In 2012, cellist Jasmin joined the band as they continued to play shows around Switzerland. Known for their broad spectrum of genres and varied setlists, the band became an insider’s tip in the Swiss underground music scene. It was only in 2016 that the band went back to the studio to start work on what would become their second album 'LIGHTSHIP'.

After the departure of Jasmin in 2017, The Caseys continued as a four-piece.   


Line-up 2019

Vocals, piano, guitar
Electric guitar
Bass, saxophone