'LIGHTSHIP' Digital Album


'LIGHTSHIP' Digital Album


'LIGHTSHIP' is the brand new studio album from The Caseys.

The album was released on Sunday 16th December 2018 and is available now. If you order a digital copy of 'LIGHTSHIP' you will be able to download the album immediately. The ZIP file (133 MB) includes all 13 songs (MP3 / 320 kbps) as well as a PDF with the booklet. You will also receive exclusive access to the 'Lightship Backstage Area' where you can listen to extra bonus tracks.


1. Look Back
2. Going Down
3. Gates to the World
4. Golden Fires
5. Are You Somebody?
6. Wildfire
7. Fall Into the Patterns
8. Run Father
9. I Can Feel It Now
10. Nobody No Good
11. The End of the Story
12. If You Don’t Need Me
11. Battleground Revisited

'Lightship Backstage Area' Bonus Tracks:

1. Today
2. Names to Numbers (Live)
3. I Can Feel It Now (2012 Demo)

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